Saint Anne Soap Company, a small business in Dekalb, Illinois, creates handcrafted soap in small batches using plant oils for a non-toxic experience. Our commitment to quality ensures each bar is meticulously crafted to cleanse and nourish the skin, catering to sensitive skin and scent-free preferences.

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  • I must say, I am impressed with the quality of the products. The products are all natural, they don't have tons of chemicals that other soaps tend to have. I am an individual with sensitive skin and I can't just simply use any kind of hygiene product. I really enjoy Saint Anne Soap Co products. They work well for me with no adverse effects on my skin. ~Michael

  • I love this soap, most of them are unscented so they don’t clash with any other scents you may wear. The soap isn’t drying like I’ve experienced with other handmade soaps. My partner has sensitive dry skin and this has helped a lot with his breakouts. Will continue to order as my main soap!! ~Jamye

  • Great soap, love the Oatmeal & Honey. Great lather, all natural, and leaves the skin feeling soft. ~Patricia

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Custom Orders

Discover personalized handcrafted soap tailored to your needs. Perfect for personal use or gifting, our customizable soap is crafted to perfection. Contact us today for more details and let us create the ideal soap experience just for you!

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